enProcess is a theoretical and practical critique, of contemporary music production practices, that challenges the notions of motivation, code, ownership, creativity, and capital by creating a complete and functional alternative to the current standard electronic music production apparatus, rooted in open collaboration and attribution.
but what is
it really?
enProcess is a system on which anyone can collaboratively participate in the creation of open electronic music at every step of the production process.

From the development of software, to the arrangement of compositions, to the live manipulation of precomposed arrangements, every individual's contribution is documented and attributed.

enProcess is a collection of the open source technologies, including :
Basic practices will be documented here, as well as by the Example user in the enProcess environment. Feel free to branch the examples and build from them!
The initial development is still underway. If you are interested in using enProcess, or starting your own enProcess hub, contact us below.
enProcess is a collaborative effort began by
Andrew Telichan Phillips &
Daniel Marchwinski
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